The Brand

Founded in Ukraine by sisters-designers –  Kristina, Anna and Maria Stelmakh and relaunched in 2022 - KRIS MARÁN became a community that celebrates a power of female transformation via ready-to-wear collections.

Each season the designers explore a new 'face' of female identity, without confining a woman to a particular one. They do not make rules , but go with the flow. Merge decades and combine incongruous with the purpose to answer to the main question :

' Who was a woman before she was created , formed and ruined by society and patriarchal principles?'

From Sexiness to Severity from Temptation to Restraint, from an Urban Queen to a Mysterious Heroine or a Romantique Lady,  the brand reveals all spectrum of women’s facets. With two collections per year, designers issue and re-think the selection of twelve day to night outfits establishing a ‚Wardrobe‘. Every Wardrobe includes a unique inner code  that empowers the particular state of spirit. Her concern is only to find out for which ‚woman‘ she feel herself today.

In KRIS MARAN we believe that women don’t need dozens of dresses in wardrobes they just need a few right ones.

In a search for timeless authenticity over the planet and known for its minimalist approach and a clear focus on textures and fabrics, KRIS MARÁN spirit navigates through a simplicity of shapes and  abstract lines of avant-garde. 

Since 2022 the brand has increased its presence on international market and gained its reputation in fashion media as the brand, whose creations are “The celebration of female strength” (Harper’s Bazaar, US). 

The KRIS MARAN family is growing every day. The brand has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Haarper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Monocle, ELLE, Keyi Magazine, Glamour, The Saxon, etc.

Meanwhile, the designers-sisters are proud of their Ukrainian roots. With a local manufacturing office, the brand supports the art of Ukrainian craftsmanship and its artisanal values, as for the designers it is one of the main principles of sustainability.