KRIS MARÁN - is a creative child of two sisters Anna And Kristina Stelmakh and their mother Maria. A synergy of trio united to celebrate the endless multiplicity of female characters.

Established in Ukraine and reborn in 2020 as an experiment on female entity and multiplicity of her facets, the brand establishes ultimate and permanent Wardrobes, each related to a particular female character. Season by season the designers explore a new 'face' of female identity, without confining a woman to a particular one.Her concern is only to find out what type of woman she feels herself at the moment. Each wardrobe is a selection of twelve day-to-night outfits that empower a particular state of spirit.

The 'envelope' detail is another trademark of KRIS MARÁN. An asymmetrical triangle that reflects a creative symbiosys of three (sisters and their mom) became signature as a result of the brand's key approach to designing : deconstruction, minimalism and love for simple forms.

Each garment is created locally in the brand's Ukrainian atelier where a tailor is responsible for the end-to-end creation of one garment.

In KRIS MARÁN we believe that women don’t need dozens of dresses - they just need a few right ones.